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Holistic wellness

My Approach To Wellness

“To me, the approach to wellness that makes sense is to look at the root of symptoms that you may be experiencing. When a body is in balance, it knows how to heal itself. Our immune system teams with intelligence. Finding that balance is key. In our world it is easy to lose that balance. As a former science teacher and certified nutritional consultant, I love finding the science that backs wellness support. Just as important, however, is considering how emotional health is tied to your physical health and well-being. I am also certified to use Zyto Technology as decision support software to determine which supplements, lifestyle changes and therapies are right for you.”

What is a Zyto Advanced Scan?

There are 3 parts to this scan. Initially Zyto technology will be used to check in with all of your organs and glands, neurotransmitters and vertebrae. The second stage of the scan determines why those markers are out of range. Finally in the 3rd stage balancers like vitamins, minerals or other natural supplements are determined based on your body’s own biological preferences



Initial Consultation/Initial Zyto Advanced Scan 

This will involve an advanced scan and extensive wellness assessment




Zyto Life Change Results Scan



This is an hour long zyto re-evaluation to see the progress you have made from a previous scan.This is a very important step in the process of becoming balanced again.In a sense, consecutive scans are like peeling that layers of an onion. Often it takes time to cleanse the body of metals, pesticides, bacteria and fungi.Once that is complete the real healing begins.

Hear what others are saying...


“Approximately 1½ years ago I was diagnosed with gout and was prescribed various medications to keep things under control.  In addition, I was having issues with my hands hurting, feeling almost like arthritis but not officially diagnosed as such.

One afternoon my wife was over our sister in law’s to where she was hosting a gathering to introduce Stacy and the Zyto Scan to some of her friends.  My wife was the designated guinea pig.  She was so impressed that she called me to come over to check it out.  I must admit I was quite skeptical.  After Stacy doing just a quick scan, she was able to reveal some things and mentioned she would be able to help me.

Still a little skeptical, I was willing to give it a try as current medications weren’t quite cutting it.  So, I scheduled an appointment and got my initial full scan.  Stacy was great at going over the results of the scan and what she could do for me.  She put me on some various supplements, had me eliminate some things from my diet and told me to give it a try.  I scheduled a 2nd scan before leaving her office to see where I would be at after a 30 day period. 

I didn’t really feel a whole lot different at the 30 day mark, but my numbers had definitely changed.  Stacy adjusted some of my supplements by adding and/or deleting a few and I scheduled another scan for the next 30 days.  Prior to my next visit, and to my surprise, I realized that I was actually feeling much better!  On my 3rd visit, Stacy informed me that all of my numbers had fallen into the good range.  I was able to discontinue some of the initial supplements and I am no longer on the doctor prescribed gout medication.  Note I have not had any further attacks!

In spite of my initial skepticism, I truly believe that Stacy and the Zyto Scan have aided in my relief.  If you have any doubt, I highly recommend you keep an open mind and give both Stacy and Zyto Scan a try.”

Donald Gilbert

Barefoot Wellness

445 Main Street

Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678

(443) 968-2960


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Zyto Technology

Your body is energetically connected and constantly in communication with itself. The primary function of this communication is to maintain overall health and functionality. Biocommunication between your body and ZYTO software takes advantage of this and is a breakthrough method for ‘listening to’ and ‘communicating with’ your body.

By interacting energetically with your body the ZYTO software will essentially ‘ask your body questions’ and record your body’s responses or ‘answers’. Information gathered in this way can help you be more proactive about your health and help you and your healthcare provider make better decisions regarding your healthcare.

ZYTO scans do not diagnose or recommend treatments; they simply provide information that should be considered by a qualified healthcare professional in determining a course of action.

What is it like to get a scan? Getting a ZYTO biocommunication scan is a simple and painless process. Simply place your hand on the ZYTO hand cradle while a scan is run. During the scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body through multiple input channels including the hand cradle. Your body will naturally respond to the communication and the ZYTO software records each response. Although a few people may be able to sense this energetic communication, most are unaware that the scan is taking place.

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